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The use of Citizens Documentary in Chinese Civil Rights Movements
Author: Teng Biao

Translated by Florence from

Village officials sold village land without disclosing records and accounting details, resulting in vigorous campaign among the villagers. With the help from the lawyers, journalists, and scholars, villages go against and denounce the officials. In 2005, the Taishi incident in Panyu, Guangdong, became one of the famous cases of the Chinese Civil Rights Movement. Ai Xiaoming’s documentary, "Taishi" recorded the event. Lawyers were beaten, villagers were arrested, and the whole village was enveloped in an atmosphere of terror. The last scene of the documentary showed filmmaker being beaten in containment by a group of unidentified gangs. In horror, with her car door broken, she called for help. The producer then added the following subtitle: "During the shooting process, I found that many agencies have video cameras, I think the villagers should have a video camera of their own.”

Ai Xiaoming receives the Simone de Beauvoir prize for Women’s freedom
Author: Ai Xiaoming

Documentary maker Ai Xiaoming receives the Simone de Beauvoir prize for Women’s freedom in January 2010, together with a Beijing Lawyer GUO Jianmei.

As Prof. AI was not allowed to renew her passport, she sent a text that was read at the award ceremony (see a translation below - by Asia Portal - In focus)

Mayflower Falling Down on the Snow-covered Land

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