About us

Acopy Workshop is a project aims at promoting and distributing independent documentaries, publications and related products so as to give support to independent media workers and organizations.

We would help some documentary workers to produce, package or even translate the subtitle of their videos, promote and sell their videos via this online platform. We also do purely distribution work. Approximately 30-40% of the income would be allocated for administration and web-maintenance, all other incomes would be contribute back to the independent media workers and organizations.

Apart from selling documentaries, books and souvenirs, this website aims at promoting citizen videos that circulate online in a disperse manner. We would pick out the good ones and help translating some of them into English, helping them to reach out to a larger audience and make a greater impact.

If you want to support our work (and decide not to buy any), you may still click "buy" our products, but choose the option "pick up" instead of "mailing".

This project is in partnership with "Hong Kong In-Media", an organization devoting to the promotion of the development of independent media. Here we would like to express our thanks to all its technical and human support.